Mediation Retainer Agreement

As a lawyer, I can, at your request, provide information about the law so that you can understand how the law would apply to your situation. The law provides a context or point of reference for negotiation, but is not necessarily the only standard for the solution. You acknowledge that the way a court can resolve a dispute is only a standard of fairness that applies to a problem and you can enter into your own fair agreements. People usually choose the mediation process because they want to make agreements that are beneficial to both parties, avoid adversarial proceedings, and reduce costs. They will agree on the topics to be debated and the order in which they will be debated. You must also take great responsibility in developing proposals, declaring your needs and goals, and achieving agreements. All parties hereby declare in good faith that they intend to conclude their mediation by agreement. However, it is obvious that any party may, at any time and for any reason, resign from the mediation procedure or suspend it. A mediator can inform the parties of certain applicable laws, rules, and guidelines so that the parties have the information they need to make informed decisions, but it`s your lawyer you need to rely on to decide whether to accept the proposed agreement. At this time, it is not possible to set the total fees for mediation, as I cannot predict the difficulty of the services to be provided or the time required. The complexity of assets or issues can take a long time, including coordination with external experts. Even if the property or custodial situation is not complex, the feelings and extent of the collaboration between you may require unusual time or effort in mediation.

I will charge at an hourly rate of $600.00 for the time I spend on your case. First, I will spend my time in mediation meetings with you and preparing wrap-up letters and temporary agreements. My time may include other services such as phone calls, letters, emails and other communications addressed to clients and clients, advice from lawyers and experts, legal research as needed or other services necessary for mediation. Appointments cancelled within 24 hours will incur a cancellation fee equivalent to one hour of my break time. In addition, the actual costs are also charged to your retainer to cover items such as registration fees, expert fees, etc. The full extent of these costs cannot be reasonably predicted at this stage, but I will contact both of you and seek your agreement before any exceptional costs are incurred. It is an expectation of mediation that, without urgency or agreement to the contrary, neither of you would take adverse action against the other. If necessary, you agree to inform the other party and to have the opportunity to consult a lawyer before taking any such action. It is possible that the mediation will then be suspended. My role is to create an organized framework that will make it easier for you to reach agreement on each topic. I will facilitate your communication with each other, identify problems, ask questions, make observations, propose options, help you express needs, goals and feelings, verify the practicability of proposed solutions and make written summaries of our discussions and agreements. I cannot determine the outcome or impose decisions on one of you.

If you are able to reach an agreement, it can help limit future conflicts that may arise between you and your future ex. This is extremely important if you have children and need to interact with your former spouse after the divorce….