Learning Agreement Jgu

Dear colleagues and partners, we hope that this message will also do you good, given the current Covid 19 situation. On Friday 13 March, the Ministry of Culture of Rhineland-Palatinate decided to postpone the start of the summer semester to 20 April and to cancel all university events by then. Since yesterday, public life has continued to be significantly reduced. All of these decisions have a serious impact on student life on campus and in the city. At this stage, we cannot promise that we will be able to respect the learning agreements, because we are not sure that the start of the conference will be postponed to 20 April. The JGU will try to move to online courses, but we know that online teaching will not meet the expectations of our exchange students, as it is not a true “immersion experience”, 2. we cannot guarantee that due to the coronavirus there can be no other restrictions of public life that would also affect residences, 3. we cannot predict to what extent and for how long travel restrictions to Germany or readmission difficulties will continue to apply to returnees. In this context, we must unfortunately advise against coming to the JGU during the summer semester of 2020. We regret to have to say this, but we want our exchange students to have a positive experience in Germany, and we cannot guarantee that here. For practical reasons, exchange students should contact international@studierendenwerk-mainz.de as soon as possible if they have residency contracts that they wish to terminate (explicit by indicating the corona situation as the reason for their termination). Students wishing to postpone their studies at the JGU to the winter semester will be able to apply again from mid-May, when the application platform will be reopened (see www.studium.uni-mainz.de/bewerbung-und-zulassung/).

We hope the situation has improved in the fall, so we look forward to welcoming your exchange students during the winter semester 2020/21 and continuing our valuable collaboration! · This means that we cannot guarantee existing learning agreements. We ask for understanding and flexible management of problems that may arise from courses that are not delivered or not as planned. For our part, other changes to apprenticeship agreements are not a problem. All the above ERASMUS documents can be sent to erasmus@international.uni-mainz.de as a copy/scan. Please always keep the original document for your documents. · Students who were at JGU during the winter semester and are still here can stay for the next summer semester if they feel comfortable and safe here and don`t want to risk a trip. · We will be able to offer the advanced intensive course “German for Translators” in an online version (the “package” with 7 courses and 24 ECTS points, especially for exchange students of a level below B2). Our colleague, Dr. Kempa, and his team are working on it. · Students who have spent the winter semester at JGU and wish to cancel their stay and return to their home country are of course supported and supported by us.

Please note that the full amount of the semester membership fee will be refunded to them (we have trained the students as a result of the procedure). We ask you to discuss this situation with your students and to inform us of your decision directly to the International Office Germersheim, the body responsible for coordinating our faculty`s mobility programmes. We are at your disposal and try to answer your questions. Should the situation change, which will lead to a precautionary recommendation for higher education institutions, the JGU will comply with these provisions and inform all partners and students as soon as possible. Fouad Ahsayni| Jan Koloska | Naomi Eckhardt| Annika Ailes earlier this week, the University Council of JGU Mainz and our Faculty Council made the following decisions: Note: You should contact us even if you are planning an internship abroad in the short term so that we can consider if help is possible. . . .