Scottish Government Single Outcome Agreement

See A central proposal was the creation of a Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) between each Council and the Scottish Government, based on 15 important national results agreed under the Concorda. The national results reflect the Scottish Government`s national performance framework, but also reflect the commitments made by business and community in Scottish councils and Community planning partnerships. It is equally important that, in most cases, progress on agreed outcomes for Scotland as a whole (the “national” results) can only be achieved if progress is made at the local level. As part of the concordat, councils are committed to supporting progress at the national level by improving results at the local level. The single outcome agreement for 2013-2023 defines the local results for each of the fifteen national results agreed in the concorda. The 15 national outcomes are defined in a local context and key challenges, agreed local priorities, measures, indicators and objectives are described. This key document is the result of extensive community consultation and discussions with our community partners. Achieving our objectives will be a challenge in the current period due to the limitation of public sector spending. It is recognized that new ways of thinking are needed for all partnerships in order to achieve better results, both for residents and for service providers.

A single outcome agreement is the means by which a community planning partnership agrees on its strategic priorities for its place. These priorities are expressed as results achieved by all partners. The Uniform Outcome Agreements explicitly refer to the Scottish Government`s national performance framework. This framework agreement for 2013-2023 between the Scottish Government and the Community Planning Community of the Outer Hebrides for 2013-2023 sets out priorities that will focus on achieving better results for the outer hebrides. The External Hebrides SOA was developed by the Outer Hebrides Community Planning Partnership, recognising the key role that the public sector, the voluntary sector, communities and the private sector will play in the partnership to produce local results and contribute to the Scottish Government`s single outcome agreement (SOA), an agreement between the Glasgow Community Planning Partnership (GCPP) and the Scottish Government, which defines the common priority outcomes for Glasgow and how the GCPP will be used.