Netbackup License Agreement

This CLE applies to all Veritas Cluster Server Windows 5.1.x licenses acquired on or after May 23, 2011. Veritas offers may contain third-party materials that are subject to a separate license. These documents are indicated in a third-party message document published at the bottom of this website and/or contained in the ReadMe file or in the documentation of the corresponding offer. At the expiry or end of this contract, for any reason, any rights, license or authorization granted to the licensee are immediately terminated and the licensee will cease all or part of the use of the software granted immediately; and immediately return to Veritas the software and hardware granted, or completely destroy, delete and/or uninstall any copy of the licensed software installed or copied by the licensee and confirm this destruction to Veritas. This directive contains guidelines for the transfer of licenses by an end-user of the company to the parent company, subsidiary or other related company, or to another site for that end user. This directive outlines the requirements for the transfer of indeterminate software licences within regions of the same region and different price-listed regions. Veritas License Relocation Request (LRR) Form 1.1 “Customer” or “device” is defined as a physical computer, memory reader or any other device (i) on which the licensee can install and use the software, (ii) the licensee`s access to software installed on a network and used by it, or (iii) a physical connection point connecting two separate devices. This directive contains guidelines regarding the licensing of a customer/taker to another company or entity for any reason, including a merger or acquisition, name change or assignment. This directive applies to all Veritas software licensed to end-users and defines situations in which the transfer of Veritas software licenses to third parties is or may be authorized by Veritas. Veritas` application for licensing (LAR) is retained for a period of three (3) years from the end of the agreement. At Veritas` request, the licensee provided Veritas with a report attesting to the destruction of licensed software in accordance with Section 3.

The provisions relating to licensing restrictions, confidentiality, auditing, exclusion of guarantees and general provisions of Section 8 also apply after the expiry of the evaluation or termination period for this agreement. Each party must use the same care, but no less than an appropriate level of diligence to prevent the unauthorized use, dissemination or publication of confidential information used by that party to protect its own confidential information of a similar nature. The taker may not use the confidential information for any purpose other than that necessary to exercise the licence granted under this agreement.