Bridge Agreement Management

The MLS gets full access to all agreements in a dashboard where they can be displayed and processed at any time. You create the terms of writing, licensing and billing and give others access to a simple and reproducible process that manages these agreements from there. For MLSs, Bridge Agreement Management is a fully customizable software solution that allows you to create and control your own data licensing and billing agreements using your rules, language and terms for brokers, agents and creditors. Bridge Agreement Management then records all signed agreements, moves data streams and supports billing automatically. SEATTLE, December 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Bridge Interactive┬«, (, the technology company dedicated to helping real estate professionals, multi-listing services (MLS) and software developers innovate faster with real estate data, has experienced unprecedented growth in two of its key product offerings, the Bridge API and Bridge Agreement Management. Bridge technology is also used by the BRAND of the NYC StreetEasy MARQUE┬« of Zillow Group for its enhanced platform for the Agent Tools direct entry platform. Bridge Agreement Management (BAM) complements Bridge`s data management offering and is a customizable software solution that allows MLS to create and control its own licensing and billing agreements. With BAM, MLS uses its own language, terms and fees to automate the data licensing process for its brokers, agents and suppliers. The acceptance of Bridge Agreement Management has increased by 23% in 2019, with a total of 80,000 members supported by MLS. If you log in and see an error message, please let your broker follow Step 1 – 3 above. No execution of the contract is necessary. Brokers and agents who need access to MLS data are redirected to a registration page where they can opt for a licensed contract created and adapted by their MLS.

Follow these instructions to reach an agreement with Intermountain MLS via Bridge Agreement Management: Founded more than a decade ago, Bridge Interactive is a technology company that develops solutions for real estate agents and MLS. Brokers and MLSs who use Bridge products are able to act faster and offer their customers better marketing and more innovation. Not only is the bridge API used by leading brokers and MLSs, but it has recently been integrated as part of StreetEasy`s updated list platform, Agent Tools. StreetEasy uses The Bridge API as a way to address the challenges faced by broker and agent clients in New York And to improve their day-to-day operations through technology. Bridge Agreement Management eliminates the anger and complexity of MLS data licensing and billing and gives MLS total control at all times. “At Bridge, we have long believed in modernizing and streamlining the way the real estate industry manages and distributes its data,” said Turan Tekin, co-founder of Bridge Interactive.